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Bainbridge Island
6 Oct

Bainbridge Island, Washington State

We stumbled upon wanting to visit Bainbridge Island while taking our walking tour. Our walking tour guide highly recommended it.

Bainbridge is a small island belonging to Kitsap County in the Puget Sound.

I love city life for a short while, but if there is a chance to hop on a ferry from the Seattle waterfront for 35 minutes and just taking a calm day away from all the hustle and bustle, I would always choose to do just that.

Taking the ferry out there and enjoying the fantastic views of the Seattle skyline and Mount Rainier are half the fun of doing it!

We did not have any agenda that day, except for riding out there and enjoying the day.

The only exception to that was getting breakfast on the island.

I looked up the breakfast places on Bainbridge and quickly settled on the Good Egg to satisfy our hungry stomachs that morning. We got lucky and were able to score a table right away outdoors. It was a beautiful day and, therefore, delightful to sit outside, and people watch while eating and getting the first drink that day. Breakfast was excellent, and the place seemed to be trending with the locals also, which is always a good sign.

No To-Dos
After lounging around at breakfast and getting a slow start to the day, we started strolling down the main street. We just took our time and stopped in every other shop.

Bookstores, jewelry stores, little knick-knack shops, everything you can ask to find on a little day out of the city. It was a very relaxed atmosphere that day.

Early on, I found a charming little jewelry store, where I scored some colorful, handmade earrings.

Sean found one of his beloved antique shops and spent some time searching for another treasure in there. I relaxed outside, drinking one of the many delicious coffees that day.

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Italian Deliciousness for Lunch
Later on, we found this trendy, modern Italian restaurant named Bruciato on the main street. We sat at the bar and ordered delicious appetizers and pizzas for a late lunch. It was the best, most authentic tasting pizza we had since leaving Europe in August 2018.

After lunch, we made our way down to the waterfront and enjoyed the atmosphere of the harbor, people fishing, and seagulls wheeling over our heads.

Bainbridge has many more things to do, e.g., a brewery, wineries, their museum of art, a historical museum, public gardens, and many more attractions to enjoy.

But after sightseeing all day before, we opted to relax and enjoy whatever crossed our minds.

In the late afternoon, we took the ferry back to the mainland.

Bainbridge is a peaceful, little island that I highly recommend visiting while being in Seattle. It feels like a vacation from the vacation while staying in the big city.


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