Hotel History

The hotel was renamed “The Marshall Suites” in 2018 to highlight the rich culture and history on Bainbridge Island. More than a century ago, many acres on Bainbridge Island were covered by fields of Marshall strawberries that were tended to and harvested by Japanese, Filipino and Native American farmers. Back then, Bainbridge Island was known as “the fruit basket of Puget Sound”. However after WWII, the strawberry fields were abandoned and overgrown by trees. The reforested fields were covered with houses, and the Marshall strawberries were displaced by more uniform and disease resistant varieties. Today, Marshall strawberries are again highly sought after by foodies because of their sweetness. Here on Bainbridge Island, the local Historic Society grows a few Marshall strawberry plants, as do several island farmers and home gardeners. The Marshall Suites logo was designed to honor this unique part of Bainbridge Island history.


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