Travel Safety Program

Travel Safety Program (COVID-19)

Based on this research, we have launched our Marshall Travel Safe Program. Here is our plan:

  1. Guests will not be given a hotel room unless it has been cleaned and quarantined for 72 hours. If someone enters the room during the 72 hour quarantine period, the clock resets and the room must be quarantined for a further 72 hour period before a guest uses the room. We record the date and time rooms are cleaned, and the date and time the room is rented (check in and check out times).
  2. In addition, we are providing heightened cleaning procedures (that kills Coronavirus) by disinfecting and sanitizing using industry-approved products, wipes and spray, in each guest room; including guest room keys. This includes all other areas in the hotel and all items a guest might touch. Examples are Elevator buttons, doors and door handles, desks, and all items at the front desk such as pens, etc.

By taking these additional measures (keeping the rooms closed for 72 hours), rest assured we take every precaution so you can Travel Safe with The Marshall Suites.


John Dinsmore
General Manager

Based on research, this chart shows how long the Coronavirus is detectable on surfaces.


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